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Dee Ann Turner

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Learn the lessons to bring clarity from chaos in your business from Alex Vorobieff as he shares the tools to create alignment in your team & business and ultimate success every day.

About my Guest:

Alex Vorobieff

As a CPA, Alex Vorobieff spent years cleaning up the financial messes of companies. He quickly began to see that the problems that drained into the “accounting sewer” were merely symptoms of a larger dysfunction within the company. But what was the root cause?


In his book, Transform Your Company, Vorobieff distills the lessons he has learned during his two decades coaching and consulting with frustrated business owners, bringing clarity to chaos for companies such as aerospace manufacturers, hospitality companies, healthcare providers, real estate developers, clothing retailers, and food product innovators, among others. Many of the business owners he’s worked with have cited the same problems: unproductive meetings, email hell, and spending all of their time fighting fires.


Owning a business is supposed to give you the freedom to live life on your terms, but instead many business owners find themselves with recurring business nightmares and dreading Monday mornings. They feel they are stuck in a circle of frustration. In Transform Your Company, Vorobieff introduces “business alignment tools”—a set of blueprints for building your business from the inner core.

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