Growing Leaders

One part of my calling to live my purpose of growing high-impact leaders and building high-performing organizations is accomplished through The Catalyst Consulting Group.

At The Catalyst Consulting Group, our vision is to create simple, actionable, and transformational leader growth, leadership development and strategic leadership solutions for success-focused organizations and

high-impact leaders across the country and around the world.

I have over two decades experience in building individual leaders and unleashing the power of leadership in organizations and businesses. He has served clients in various areas including public, private, family, non-profit, and faith-based ministry from start-up to multi-billion dollar Fortune 100/500 companies, and everything in between.


Combining a background in psychology and organizational leadership consulting with the experience of having personally served as an executive leader for companies in a variety of industries including healthcare, consulting, hospitality, distribution, manufacturing, I bring an experience base which gives me a deep insight into how leaders function and the challenges they face. I have been part of leading at all phases of the organizational life cycle, from startup to sustained performance. I have successfully built and developed leadership cultures and leaders to high levels of performance and results.


My desire is to grow leaders from the “inside-out” and help them to unleash their full potential to deliver high-impact results through their work and leave a legacy of success and significance in life, me and my team bring industry leading leadership solutions to our clients across the country and around the world.


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