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We're all in this life together...walking, running, sitting, searching, seeking, laughing, loving, crying, hurting, healing, hoping, praising...


When we walk together, bearing each others hurts and celebrating the blessings in life together, we're creating a legacy of love. 


I invite you to join the Dr. Jason Brooks Outreach community and be part of changing lives and see who God would bring into your life to help change yours.

This is your chance to brag on God for His glory. Go, God! Your story could be featured on the website or on my Facebook page. Stop back often and keep the stories coming. God is always working and it's our privilege to tell the stories of His amazing love and grace!!


You just learned about me. Now, I want to learn about you!


How has Jesus changed your life? Tell me how your life has been transformed by God’s redeeming love. 


Did you have a life-changing moment at an event, where I was speaking? If so, where; and how has your life been different, since?

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