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Dee Ann Turner

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What are the current trends in retention, engagement, and turnover? Today, Danny Nelms joins me to unpack the insights from the 2018 Retention Report and gives practical steps for leaders on how to retain and motivate their top talent.

About my Guest:

Danny Nelms

Danny Nelms is President at The Work Institute, co-writer of The Why Factor: Winning With Workforce Intelligence, and a highly sought after public speaker, Danny Nelms is an agent of change, a thought leader, and an expert in helping companies forge new directions that improve business results.

As an agent of change, a thought leader, an expert in helping companies forge new directions that improve business results and over 20 years of experience in leading in a variety of businesses, Danny influences corporate culture and human capital initiatives in areas including organizational improvement and effectiveness, leadership development, performance expectation, talent acquisition, executive coaching, succession planning, and mergers and acquisitions.

His proven track record in successfully managing teams in both human resources and corporate services, as well as his successes in aligning organizational strategies to achieve business objectives have made him a popular choice on the speaking circuit. His insight into human capital dynamics of an organization based on sound data-driven research uniquely positions Danny to provide valuable recommendations for the challenges that organizations face and allows him to provide companies with the tools they need to successfully manage organizational improvement.

Connect with Danny Nelms at

Facebook: @danny.nelms.33

Twitter: @dannynelms

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