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"Dr. Brooks' professional experience allows him to bring not only general themes but also practical application into the content he is presenting.


Audience members walk out of his sessions with a deeper understanding of the concepts presented as well as tangible ideas that can be easily and quickly implemented to bring positive change.


This is a great combination!"


- Denis Blackwelder

XMi Human Resource Solutions




"I met Jason through The Center for Executive Coaching. Throughout our work together, Jason has shown mastery of ways to coach clients to have insights about how to improve performance. He has the ability to listen deeply to what clients are saying and synthesize their thinking into a few clear points. From there, he helps the client drill down to discover ways to move forward regardless of challenges and circumstances. I have witnessed him very quickly get to the bottom of key issues: helping an executive lead a company through daunting growth, becoming more influential, engaging and mobilizing employees, and overcoming limiting beliefs that are holding the executive back. Jason's style is engaging, and immediately puts one at ease, yet without holding back or avoiding tough conversations. I highly recommend him in any situation where the executive wants to improve performance or where the organization is facing significant challenges to growth and productivity."


- Andrew Neitlich, Executive Director Center for Executive Coaching



"Jason Brooks is one of the finest professionals I have had the privilege to work with. Jason maintains a detail oriented perspective and provides complete thoroughness in every aspect of his work. Work ethic is one element that guarantees success, and Jason possesses impeccable work ethic that far exceeds expectations. It has been a pleasure to work with Jason and hopefully the opportunity will come around again in the future."


- Mary Ellen McCloud

Owner, Be Replenished Counseling

"Dr. Brooks is a gifted speaker, presenter, and teacher.


His personable style and approachability is one of his greatest gifts and I know that he brings incredible value to all who participate in his events."


- Terri Hudson





"I highly recommend Dr. Jason Brooks. I have worked with Jason for a number of years at The Britt Hunt Company. Jason is the ultimate professional, bringing inspiration to all he contacts. His intellect and passion resonate throughout the organization as others seek his keen insight. Jason’s passion for life and continuous improvement not only shows in his personal accomplishments, but in his actions of assisting others to reach their goals. Jason is a fantastic mentor, but more importantly he is a wonderful friend."


- Doug Sanford, Vice President, The Britt Hunt Company, LLC



"I most heartily recommend and endorse Jason Brooks to anyone, any couple, or any family struggling to overcome and learn from life's challenges in a positive and meaningful way. 

Jason Brooks has devoted his life to being of service to others. He epitomizes the concept of one's heart, body, mind, and spirit joined in helping others through difficulties. His breadth and scope of experience in business, in academia, in the helping professions, and, perhaps most importantly, in everyday life has forged a truly exceptional human being. 

Having known, interned, and worked with Jason for almost five years, I am no longer surprised by his positive energy, ability, acumen, and professional counseling skills. I am however, still amazed at his ability to connect with and assist such a wide-range of people, couples, and families. I am very pleased to call Jason Brooks my colleague, friend, and inspiration. "

- Ross Echterling, MS, NBCC, CDP 
Counseling Psychologist

"Dr. Brooks did a great job helping our employees learn how their personality types and styles impact them and others in our work environment.  His fun and engaging way of presenting the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator data kept the participants interested and helped them retain the important components that will make a positive difference for the entire company.  I certainly recommend him."


- Alfonzo Alexander

President, NASBA Center for the

Public Trust

Chief Relationship Officer, NASBA




"Dr. Jason is a true business partner! He treats all people with the utmost of respect, works collaboratively to create a win-win outcome, and focuses on bringing value to the organization through integrity, leadership and results. He is someone you can trust emphatically!"


-Steve Hayes, Sr. Partner, The Human Capital Group, Inc.



"Jason is a very detailed and task oriented professional. Our culture at Hunt Brothers Pizza was at the center of all our efforts. Jason always did a wonderful job at not only maintaining our culture, but also making sure that complex messages were conveyed in a sincere and clear way. Jason is a man of integrity and a natural problem solver. Finally, Jason received his PHD while working full time for Hunt Brothers Pizza, without ever missing a beat. He always follows through, and is a man of his word."


- Carl Hall, Entrepreneur



"Dr. Brooks was a joy to work with. His ability to understand the issue and help find a solution allowed for resolution in a quick manner. He is quite effective in his organizational ability and brought a level of expertise that impacted the entire company. His personal advice and recommendations always helped our entire team be more effective in our roles."


- Craig Stumpf, Director, American Addiction Centers

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