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Dynamic-Duo Lori Weir and Shari Strong are on a mission to change the world by building strong communities of strengths-focused leaders. Learn how you can grow as a high-impact leader by understanding your strengths through the StrengthsFinder assessment and leveraging your strengths every day!

About my Guests:

Lori Weir and

Shari Strong

Lori Weir is the founder and CEO of Relationship Architects. Her achievements range from serving as the Executive Director for the local Chamber of Commerce to leading US Telecommunications for Deloitte. Throughout a 20-plus year career in Technology and Chamber of Commerce Leadership, Consulting and Entrepreneurship, Lori has accumulated a broad and diverse portfolio of skills and industry awareness.


Relationship Architects pioneered the StrengthsGenius©curriculum, an innovative approach to organizational transformation that focuses on identifying the unique talents of individuals and teams based on the Clifton StrengthsFinder© assessment.  


Now in its seventh year, Relationship Architects has offices in Nashville, Knoxville, and Jackson, Tennessee, has served clients all across the United States and now has global reach.



Shari Strong is an International Speaker, Workplace Development Consultant, and is known for her ability to get results. She ignites a new spark towards taking bold steps with new strategies on the “HOW” of adopting new ideas, adapting to change, and influencing those around them for an impact that is positive and creates results that are everlasting.


Her 20 years of experience, including being the Director of Sales for, and starting three successful businesses, equips her to implement strategies that work while understanding that “people” are the most important commodity. She also is a founding member of John C. Maxwell’s team, an IPEC graduate, and has her MA in Pastoral Counseling and Leadership.


She most recently wrote, “My Life Begins Next Monday…The 7 Stages of Overcoming Life’s Obstacles” and it is a best seller

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