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What would it be like if your leadership took a turn that allowed you to impact lives in a way you've never before? One of the most powerful approaches of high-impact leaders around the world is servant leadership and Mark Deterding is a expert in bringing the concepts and actions of servant leadership to life.

About my Guest:

Mark Deterding

Mark Deterding has built a reputation as a trusted expert in Servant Leadership. He has successfully led many companies and teams through culture change as the leader of the organization. Now, through Triune Leadership Services, Inc, he has a successful practice that develops cultures of Servant Leadership within organizations and provides coaching to executives and emerging leaders.


As a business leader, consultant, speaker and author of a new book, “Leading Jesus’ Way: Become the Servant Leader God Created You to Be”, he brings an effective blend of actionable process, proven tools and expertise in guiding leaders to implement a culture of Servant Leadership.

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