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Living with anxiety, fear and a constant need for validation for many years, Michelle Gomez is now an Imposter Syndrome survivor! Today she shares the five imposters how to break free from imposter syndrome in your life.

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A self-proclaimed reformed Corporate Burnout, Michelle Gomez managed to find a slower pace of career that allowed her time and space to address the Impostor Syndrome in her own life. When she changed her focus to self-development, while still actively thriving both professionally and academically; her whole experience changed. She went from being a corporate burnout, to a happy, healthy and successful version of herself. She now has a career, business and life that she LOVES. It all started with a change in focus, a strategy of 'self' and mastering the art of negotiation. Michelle then turned her attention to helping other high achievers recognize and overcome their own Imposter Syndrome struggles, writing a book about her own journey, Own Your Brilliance.


An accomplished business executive with nearly 2 decades worth of experience in the male-dominated transportation and logistics industry, Michelle is also a strong advocate for women in the workforce; mentoring dozens of women to personal and professional success.

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