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My Favorite Things

At the risk of sounding a bit like a personal profile on, here’s some of my favorite things, in no particular order of preference, to help you get to know me better…

  • COFFEE!!

  • Walking on the beach...enjoying the beauty and power of the ocean and God’s creation. There’s something so healing about the ocean.

  • Early morning time of drinking black coffee, meditation, prayer, and reading the Bible. 

  • Relaxing on a Saturday afternoon in ripped jeans, old t-shirt, and flip flops

  • Beachfront dinner with the family

  • Technology…any kind! I love the latest gadget but I still can’t seem to get away from my pen and paper journal. Something really real about writing down my thoughts, ideas and inspirations

  • Friday night “pizza and a movie” with the family

  • Powerful worship praise and love to my heavenly Father

  • Lounging by the pool with family and friends.

  • Seeing the light bulb of hope and inspiration come on for people in audiences where I speak or perform

  • Quiet afternoons of writing

  • Taking walks in the rain. I know, it sounds crazy but if you haven’t tried it…do it. There’s something special when you take a walk and actually feel the rain instead of just get wet.

  • People watching at the airport. It is just fascinating to me to observe folks and how different we are. With all the traveling I do, it's a great way to pass the time and it just reinforces to me how masterful of a creator God is.

  • Knowing I've made a difference in someone's life today

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