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The Most Important Relationship You'll Ever Have

We hear much about unconditional love. In our minds we can accept the concept that we should love everyone just as they are. However, the reality of this type of love is a challenge. Never the less, we strive each and every day to accept others and love unconditionally.

All too often, however, the one person that we have the most difficult time loving is...ourselves. We see our shortcomings, our faults, and our flaws. We wrestle daily with the temptations that are forced upon us. Our natural inclination is to look to the things that are wrong - instead of celebrating those that are right, pure, and lovely. Although we may sometimes stumble in our decisions and actions - we are forever loved! So today, spend time considering what you love about yourself.

  • What is it about yourself that you really love?

  • What is it about yourself that makes you unique?

  • What makes you a loving person toward others?

Love yourself unconditionally...accept that you are a precious creation and were made just as you were supposed to be. The relationship with ourselves is the most important relationship we will ever have.

When we think about the balance of social and emotional wellness, having a strong sense of self and love for self is important. Now, this is not a self-serving, egotistical, narcissistic love…but rather a love that is compassionate, caring, and overflowing with grace so that as we love ourselves in this way, we will love others as well. To the extent that we accept ourselves just as we are, we will give that same acceptance to others.

You have a choice to make. You can choose love that is judgmental, demanding, and self-serving. Or, you can choose a love that is accepting, serving, and self-sacrificing. The choice is yours and the choice you make will make all the difference in your relationships.

Live your Life of Purpose with Passion! Dr. Jason

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