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Take the Leap!

Taking a risk to live your dreams can be a terrifying proposition. Often we will decide to remain in the "safety" of a difficult situation rather than take a chance on jumping into the unknown. We have heard that change many times occurs when the pain of remaining where you are is greater than the pain of something different. My encouragement to you today is to not let change in your life be driven by pain avoidance but rather by the pursuit of your purpose with passion.

  • What is holding you back from pursuing your dreams?

  • What feelings do you have when you think about taking a leap?

  • What feelings do you have when you think about not taking a leap and not living your dreams?

You may not know exactly where the path may lead or what the future will hold. However, by keeping your eyes set on who holds the future, reflecting on the times you risked in the past and benefited through those experiences, and trusting in the strength to persevere that is within you . . . you will take the leap and fly to even greater heights! Live your Life of Purpose with Passion! Dr. Jason

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