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Encouragement: Do you Need It Today?

One of the greatest impacts a leader can make is providing encouragement and inspiring hope in their people.

When I think back on my career and the leaders who made the greatest impact in my life, it was the person who recognized when I was struggling and came along side me to provide guidance and encouragement.

They didn’t take the challenge away, but they helped me to see that I was not alone, showed they were there for me, and shared their wisdom and insights where needed. Without this, my morale and confidence in myself would have definitely been at risk.

When morale is low, the leader must do productive things to give the team a boost. In the beginning, any movement is a great victory. But to create positive morale, you need to pick up some speed. You need to be productive. After all, you can’t steer a parked car! To get the team moving: 

  • Model behavior that has a high return—People do what people see. The best way for them to learn what you expect of them is to model it yourself. Along with this is to validate the behavior in others that you want to see more of. In other words, water what you want to grow.

  • Develop relationships with people of potential—To get any team going in the right direction, you need players who can produce. Find the people who have the potential to be productive and start with them. Don’t ask too much of them too soon. Leaders touch a heart before they ask for a hand. 

  • Set up small victories and talk teammates through them—Nothing helps people grow in skill and confidence like having some wins under their belts. Begin with the people who have the greatest potential. We all want to feel like we’re winning. It’s the little wins that put us in a place to drive forward for even greater victories in the future.

  • Communicate vision—Keep the vision before your team continually because vision gives team members direction and confidence. When we clarify vision, communicate vision, and crystalize vision - making it real and tangible for everyone - we create the conditions for success and morale to be high.

Leadership is influence every day. Keep your focus on those around you, notice where struggles are coming, and engage quickly with encouragement and coaching. Do this and you’ll be amazed at the impact you’ll have.

Walking Points:

  • Think of a person you lead that is struggling in some way. What can you do to provide encouragement to them?

  • Make it a point to notice and celebrate a success (no matter how big or small) today with someone in your family.

Live. Love. Lead. Leave a Legacy!

Dr. Brooks

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