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First Focus

Where is your first focus in the day? Do you start with thoughts of worry about what the next few hours have in store? Are you consumed with a heavy heart of what lies ahead for you?

I've found that the only way to have peace through the day is to be intentional with how the day begins and make a conscious choice to put the Lord first in everything. Every joy...every problem...every doubt...every fear...every relationship...every decision...everything! Do I get it right all the time - not even close. But I'm trying and I truly believe He knows my heart.

Yesterday, when I read this devotional by Charles Stanley, it challenged me again to examine where my focus is each and every day. I changed some of the words to make this a personal exploration, asking yourself some of the most fundamental questions that are foundational to who we are...

"What is it that I desire first and foremost? Is God the focus of my life or have other people and dreams taken His place in my heart?

Nothing can satisfy me as He can. So, if I'm struggling with feelings of doubt, anger, jealousy, fear, despair, or bitterness, it may be that I've allowed a goal or relationship to become an idol in my life. In fact, Isaiah 26:3 promises "You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You." So, when I lack God's peace, it's evidence my focus is misplaced.

Therefore, in my proper time, I will ask God to reveal anything that is preventing me from experiencing His love. I will let go of whatever is taking His place in my life and ask Him to stir up my desire for Him. Because when I seek Him first, the blessings will come. And not only will He reveal Himself to me, but He also will use me as a blessing to others."

So, here's the big question of the day: Who has first focus in your life?

"Lord, reveal whatever has taken Your place in my life. Take Your throne in my heart and be my first focus, Amen!!"

By His Grace and for His Glory!

Dr. Jason

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