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Leadership Intuition

Updated: Nov 26, 2017

Leadership development is focused on unlocking and unleashing a person’s potential to become more and to accomplish more by working in and through others than is possible alone. Dr. Jason Brooks

Leadership intuition is often the factor that separates the greatest leaders from the merely good ones. Some people are born with great leadership intuition. Others have to work had to develop and hone it. But both ways it is a combination of natural ability and learned skills. The best way to describe this informed intuition to an ability to discern intangible factors, understand them, and work with them to accomplish leadership goals.

Successful leaders see every challenging situation in terms of available resources: money, raw materials, technology/systems, time, people. They can sense people’s hopes, fears, and concerns. And they can step back from the moment and see not only where they and their people have gone, but also where they are heading. It’s as if they can sense change in the wind.

This type of insight is not easy and in my experience, very few leaders really have it naturally. It requires focus and determination to look beyond the tyranny of the urgent and to lead at a higher level of vision and intuition. It requires emotional intelligence and the ability to understand yourself in the context of the situation and how you can accomplish more by working in and through others.

Leadership is more art than science. The principles of leadership are constant, but the application changes with every leader and every situation. That’s why it requires intuition. Without it, you can bet blindsided, and that’s one of the worst things that can happen to a leader.

Walking Point:

  • How effective is your intuition? Do you trust your intuition or need to see all the facts and data in order to make a decision and move forward?

Live. Love. Lead. Leave a Legacy! Dr. Brooks

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