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One Daily Discipline to Guarantee a Great New Year

We're off to the races already in 2022.

We've reflected on the past year. Learned our lessons on what worked well, what didn't work well, and what we could do different that would be better.

We've set goals for the new year. You've crystalized who will you be that'll make this a great year. You've written down what you will do to make this a great year. You've even selected the theme for you for the year...that overarching message that will run through everything you are and do in 2022.

Every start of a new year I prayerfully pick a word that helps me stay focused on my goals. In 2022, that word is #THRIVE.

And as great as a core theme, goals, objectives, priorities, and plans are, there's one thing that trumps them all and a daily disciple I've found to guarantee a great new year...#PRAYER!

This year I'm being intentional with a specific prayer that I'm trusting will lead me closer to my Heavenly Father, and also keep my focus in the right direction. Prayer deepens our relationship with #God. And, as the most important relationship in my life, I knew I needed to be ultra intentional in my prayer to truly thrive.

So, this is my prayer for 2022

Today, help me to be a light of Your glory in an otherwise dark world, set high and shining Your love for all to see.
Today, let me experience unconditional love and show me how to love myself as you love me.
Today, lead me to be a man with relentless focus. In a world driven with distractions, strengthen me to dream it and do it.
Today, equip me to thrive. Let everything I do flourish and succeed far beyond what I could ever imagine for myself and for everyone I'm called to serve.
Today, remind me to make gratitude the enduring attitude of my heart, knowing in every season You are good.
Father, help me see that I am exactly who you created me to be. I am loved. I am worthy. Even when I stumble and fall.
By your grace and for Your glory! In Jesus' Name...Amen!

There's power in prayer. I've seen it. I've experienced it. Make the daily discipline of prayer a top priority and see what grows through this year as you draw near to the Father and He draws nearer to you.

Take Another Step...

Dr. B

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