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Prayer Drive

Beginning March 2020, these have been some of the craziest months I can remember in my life. So much uncertainty and taking us all out of our comfort zones as we adjust, adapt, and embrace a new normal through change.

I have been blessed to be able to office from my home. It truly is amazing how I’ve been able to use technology to be in many ways even more effective (and that’s another blog for another time). But even as an introvert, I’m often lonely. You see, we all need some degree of social connection. What makes this even more of a challenge for me is that because of a medical condition I was diagnosed with several years ago, I have a highly suppressed immune system. That means I’m in the high-risk category for potential infection. So, I’ve worked hard to physically distance myself to stay safe, take all the precautions, and try to follow the advice of ”experts” as much as possible.

In working to stay socially connected while balancing physical distancing, I find that taking a ”PRAYER DRIVE” early on Saturday and Sunday morning is good for my mind, heart, soul and spirit. What’s a prayer drive? Well, let me tell you...

I love my hometown. I love Nashville! I love the energy, the growth, and people, the culture, and all the opportunities both personally and professionally that this community offers. But, I know there are many hurting people who are feeling isolated, stuck and not knowing a next step to take. So, eventhough I need to stay physically distant, early every Saturday and Sunday I drive around Nashville...and pray...

First, I pray for an awakening for people to see Jesus and seek the love of a personal relationship with Him. Not religion...relationship. So, I pray.

Next, I pray for chains in peoples lives to be broken and people are able to get unstuck from whatever is holding them captive today. Fear, doubt, addiction, shame, guilt, uncertainty...the list goes on and I know is unique to each person. So, I pray.

The, I pray for people to take another step in their lives. Just a little step is all it takes sometimes to see a huge shift in motivation, hope, faith, and optimism. Each person’s next step is different. But we all need to take a step. So, I pray.

Last, I pray for the people in Nashville, our community and neighbors, to thrive. I pray that God’s grace will pour all over the people of this city and we will experience the abundant lives that He wants us to live. So, I pray.

It’s just a little thing, I know. But, for me, as I’m physically distancing and being socially responsible, I feel it’s one small part I can play. So, for everyone in Nashville, know that you are loved and I’m praying for you every day...but especially early Saturday and Sunday morning during my prayer drive around the city. And if you happen to see me one morning with the windows down playing Hillsong loud through the radio...give a wave! We’re in this together!

Live Confidently, Lead Courageously. Love Completely!

Dr. Jason

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