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The Power of Dreams

Updated: Nov 26, 2017

I typically have conversations daily with entrepreneurs or leaders who have a dream for their lives...that little tugging at their hearts that just won’t go away. I can see the excitement in their eyes, but also the fear of taking a first step. During those conversations, I find that it’s so critical to balance encouragement with helping them to thoughtfully consider the next steps to take in pursuing those dreams.

“During its early stages, a dream is an incredibly fragile thing. Bobb Biehl, corporate leadership expert, said “Dreams are like soap bubbles floating close to jagged rocks on a windy day.”

New dreams are fragile because we haven’t had time yet to let them grow or develop. When a seedling oak is only a year old, a child can tear it out by the roots, but once it’s had some time to become firmly established, even a hurricane can’t knock it down.

Young dreams are also more easily shot down because if they are attached, it is usually be close confidants, because they’re the only people who know about them. Our hopes and desires may be able to weather the criticism of a stranger, but they have a more difficult time surviving when undermined by a friend.” (John Maxwell)

Have you experienced a time when, in sharing your dream with someone you love or trusted deeply, you didn’t hear the excitement and enthusiasm that you had or you had hoped they would have? What did you do? Did you press on anyway or did you think to yourself, “Well, maybe that was a crazy idea after all.”?

The funny thing about dreams is that there are no two people who have the same dream. The seeds planted in your heart for your life, your work/business, your family, your faith, are yours alone.

Yes, we need connection with others to help us stay on track and on target through coaching and mentoring. But, be careful of taking advice and not orders from others. Just like the oak tree, dreams are fragile in the beginning but also they develop over time. Be intentional and prayerful, trusting that the dream that has been placed in your heart, that won’t let you go, is for a reason and a season.

Walking Points:

  • What are you dreaming for today?

  • Is there a step you need to take with this?

Live. Love. Lead. Leave a Legacy! Dr. Jason

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