There's no doubt that we were created to accomplish good works. But "accomplishments" should never take the place or become more important than our relationship with God. Often we struggle so hard to understand "What?" or "Why?" that we lose focus on "Who?". God's desire for each of us is to be in a vibrant, surrendered, loving relationship with Him, where He has full freedom to move in and through us. It's only then that our "What" comes into the rise of the sun on a new day.

"The LORD longs to be gracious to you, and therefore He waits on high to have compassion on you. . . . How blessed are all those who long for Him." ISAIAH 30:18

"Are you consumed with a desire to do something? Are you trying to earn God’s grace or convince Him to bless you with some heart’s desire? If you find yourself thinking, "Father, what do You want from me? I just don’t know what to do!" you are most likely trying to deserve His good gifts rather than simply trusting Him to give them to you freely.

Friend, stop wrestling with God. The more you struggle, the more you show you’re relying on your own strength rather than His. This stems from a lack of faith and He will not bless it.