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We can't put God in a box

Something to ponder from my quiet time this morning...God created us in His image and ever since we’ve been trying to return the favor.

One of the amazing attributes of human-kind is our ability to create. I believe when scripture says we were created in God’s image, this is part of His attribute that was placed in us. Nothing else in creation has the same capacity for self-awareness and creativity as we do. But, the flip side of our creativity is we try to fit God in a box and make Him who we want Him to be. I believe each person has the freedom to pursue a relationship with God in the way that’s right for them. However, I also trust in faith (evidence of things unseen) that there is one God and we were created by Him and for His glory...not the other way around. I never force by beliefs on others...I just like to make introductions and see where God leads from there.

Just something to think about...

Live. Lead. Love!! Dr. Jason

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