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"And the Lord your God will drive out those nations before you little by little..." Deuteronomy 7:22

Thought for the Day...I wonder how many folks are like me. Sometimes I get a glimpse from God for a new movement from Him, a season of growth in my Christian character, or a way that He’s working to allow me to live my purpose even more fully. Then, I’m ready to run. Off to the races almost to say “Thanks God! I’ve got my marching orders. I’ll take it from here!”

I think sometimes we’re just like my wife’s little Yorkie. As I sit on the couch and watch this little dog run to the left, then run to the right, then leap up on the couch, and then with a flurry of barking run full tilt up the stairs only then to turn immediately around, run back down the stairs, and start it all over again. As I laugh to myself at this silly little dog, I this what God sees in us? So much activity, moving in a flurry of directions, without truly being present with Him. How he must sit back and laugh at me sometimes, thinking “Oh, my precious son, if only you could see and know...”

“When God led His people into the Promised Land, He did so step by step. In this way, God taught His people to trust Him step by step. He gave them only as much responsibility as they could handle at one time.

As God leads you in your Christian growth, He will allow challenges that match your character and relationship to Him. God will not totally change your character at once when you become a Christian. Rather, He will lead you through a process to become more like His Son. He will keep working in an area in your life until it is controlled by the Holy Spirit. You may eagerly desire maturity in every area of your character, but steady, gradual growth is more lasting. God will not take shortcuts in His process of making you like Christ. He sees your life from eternity and will take as long as necessary to produce lasting spiritual growth in you.

Do not become impatient while God is producing Christ-likeness in you. Do not seek more responsibilities than those He has given you. Obey all that you know He has asked, and He will lead you at a pace that fits your present character and His purposes for you.” (Blackaby, Experiencing God Day-by-Day)

Living step by step is not easy for us. It takes commitment and focus to let go of our thoughts, our actions, our desires, our ambitions, trust those completely to God, and take another step with HimIt takes commitment and focus to let go of our thoughts, our actions, our desires, our ambitions, trust those completely to God, and take another step with Him. He knows what’s best and we can trust in His leading and timing. Where we see His procrastination, God sees His protection. He knows our readiness and wants more than anything for us to be successful in Him. When we run ahead too fast, we stumble...we fall. But when we walk in strength, confidence, and courage with Him each day, He will make our paths straight and bring increase to the work of our hands and the character of our hearts.

Ultimately, this is what Darla’s and my heart for Take Another Step Ministries is all about. It comes from seasons of pain where we were tossed to and fro and learned, through prayer, God’s word, and Christ’s presence, the power of being present in the moment and taking another step, just one at a time. It is through those painful times that the burning desire comes to help lead people to be faith-filled, purpose-focused followers of step at a time. We’re so grateful for this gift and vision from God, that came from our pain, and trust Him to lead each day.

In what areas of your life are you like the little Yorkie?

By His Grace...For His Glory!

Dr. Jason

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