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High-impact leaders know there are two C's that are essential for success: Culture and Change. Today, Randy Pennington joins Dr. Jason Brooks Leadership Podcast to share how to make the most of both and achieve results others only dream about.

About my Guest:

Randy Pennington

Randy Pennington is a business performance veteran, award-winning author, and an expert in helping organizations deliver positive results in a world of accelerating change. His professional accomplishments and credentials stack up with the best of them. His client list includes leading organizations in business, non-profits, higher education, and government.


Randy has been fascinated with how great organizations and great leaders operate since he took his very first sociology and psychology classes in college. That interest grew in graduate school. And, he constantly evaluated his bosses and employers against the principles he was discovering.


Randy was recruited to a boutique consulting firm at the age of 31. He became a partner and chief financial officer. Along the way, he consulted with and led organizational change efforts with Fortune 10 companies like Exxon, GE, and Procter & Gamble.


Randy opened Pennington Performance Group in 1990, and he’s been helping leaders and organizations build strong cultures and navigate change ever since.

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What were your big take-aways from today's show?
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