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40 years of research by Steve and Rob Shallenberger has revealed the 12 Principles of Highly Successful Leaders. Rob joins Dr. Jason Brooks today to share some of those principles and how to apply them to your life and leadership.

About my Guest:

Rob Shallenberger

Rob Shallenberger is recognized globally as a leading authority in planning and execution. He is widely known for sharing his experience as a US fighter pilot to deliver fun, energetic, and highly impactful keynotes and seminars.


Based on the National Bestselling book Becoming Your Best: The 12 principles of Highly Successful Leaders – which includes 40 years of research from peak performing companies – Rob shares powerful principles that propel teams and organizations to the top. From the cockpit to the boardroom, Fortune 500 companies around the world have used his valuable lessons learned as a fighter pilot to ignite their teams and leaders and fuel high performance at every level.


As the CEO of Becoming Your Best Global Leadership, an award-winning leadership and corporate training company, Rob helps leaders around the world grow and lead powerful teams. He also co-hosts the popular podcast Becoming Your Best with his partner (and father) Steve Shallenberger. Together, they help listeners uncover the principles of highly successful leaders.

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What were your big take-aways from today's show?
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