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Scott McCarthy is an expert in delegation and aligning teams to accomplish more together than they ever could alone. This week he shares the top tips on how you can delegate more effectively.

About my Guest:

Scott McCarthy

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A graduate of Canada's prestigious Royal Military College, Scott McCarthy has been exposed to leadership all his life.


Since he was young, Scott has sought our leadership challenges wherever he could find them and constantly succeeded. From being a school council member when at high school to commanding Canadian Forces soldiers he has the experience level to help anyone learn about leadership. Coupled with his natural gift as a public speaker, Scott has developed into the ideal lecturer for leadership training among junior executives.


Scott is also the host of the podcast, Moving Leadership Forward, which is downloaded by leaders around the world. Scott lives by the mantra: keep pushing, keep trying, keep moving forward...and he inspires others to do the same every day.

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What were your big take-aways from today's show?
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