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Shannon Miles learned through tough times the power of delegation. Now, this is her life's mission, to help leaders be successful through leveraging the gifts of others along the way. Today she shares the three keys to effective delegation every leader needs to know.

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Shannon Miles is a master delegator. She and her husband Bryan grew a 2 person operation into a staff of 60 corporate team members by seeing where they were the strongest and delegating the rest. They lead with trust and have a thriving business built on the premise that adults are adults and can handle their business. The pair are also visionaries on the virtual workplace.


Shannon’s passion, in addition to helping others realize the freedom they receive from delegating, is to bring to light the challenges women face in the workplace. From finding the courage to ask your boss for a flexible schedule, to deciding if there is an option for you outside 100% full-time onsite office work and a 100% full-time stay at home mom.  Shannon has walked the walk and is here to lead other women on the journey to finding their own Third Option - which happens to be the title to her book.

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