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Dee Ann Turner

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Entrepreneurs are often pulled in a lot of directions. During my interview with Tom Rubens, he shares the path so you don't have to decide between family and work from his book, Lifeness. Start living your abundant and fulfilling life today.

About my Guest:

Tom Rubens

Tom Rubens is a business coach, corporate culture and strategy expert, and dedicated entrepreneur. Throughout his 40-year journey, Tom has founded companies (commodity trading and real estate), purchased minor league baseball and basketball franchises and passionately coached countless entrepreneurs and business leaders.


In Lifeness: Harmonize an Entrepreneurial Life, Tom Rubens inspires business leaders to make a radical shift toward the pursuit of harmony. Tom understands all too well how the commitment to entrepreneurship can take over your life and lead you down a path far from the one you’d intending on taking. It was his own workplace dissatisfaction that inspired him to implement fundamental life changes. By harmonizing his life, Tom achieved greater career and personal success, better health, more passion and a renewed and energetic commitment to family and community.


Through stories from Tom’s business and personal life, Lifeness will help align your business culture and personal core values so that you can truly achieve harmonious entrepreneurial success.

Connect with Tom Rubens at

Facebook: @tom.rubens

LinkedIn: @tom-rubens-36a1b842

Twitter: @Accountable731

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