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I just love how God will use the most "unlikely" to accomplish the most amazing. If someone would have told me five years ago that I would be the author of two books, with more to come, I would have said..."Unlikely". But, God had other plans.

I have found a passion of mine that allows for creative expression with a focus on bringing life change. I'm truly honored that I would be given the opportunity to share my heart and be used by God to help people reset their lives and take another step through my writing.

RESET: Reformatting Your Purpose for Tomorrow's World


"In life there are no do-overs...but you can absolutely RESET!" - Dr. Jason



What if the push of a single button could RESET a part of your life that hasn’t quite worked out the way you had hoped?​ What if you could find hope for today, healing from the past, growth for the future, and live a life of inspiration?​ What if, instead of just talking about your purpose, you could live it—right now, and every day into the future?

This bestselling book can be the roadmap to creating the life you've always imagined and living your purpose with passion as you...


  • RESET Your Heart

  • RESET Your Relationships

  • RESET Your Faith

  • RESET Your Health

  • RESET Your Self-Development

  • RESET Your Career

  • RESET Your Finances

  • RESET Your Purpose

  • RESET Your Passion

  • RESET Your Plans​


Reformatting Your Purpose for Tomorrow's World

Your Daily RESET: Daily Inspiration and Motivation for Living Your Life of Purpose with Passion


From the bestselling author of RESET: Reformatting Your Purpose for Tomorrow’s World comes a book of daily inspiration as you take the next step, each and every day, on the journey of living your life of purpose with passion. 


Begin each day with a motivational quote by some of the greatest thought leaders and legacy creators in history. Then, you will be invited to spend time pondering several thought and heart provoking questions to guide you through self-  exploration and discovery designed to help you heal from the past, focus on the present, and create a life of gratitude and success for the future. Year after year, as Your Daily RESET is part of    starting each and every day, the questions will continue to challenge and inspire you to move deeper into discovering the masterpiece you were created to be and allowing God to speak to your heart.


Embrace your place and live the life you were created to live. You have a story to tell and a song to sing. Each day is an opportunity for a brand new start…a RESET! You can find inspiration in every moment, joy in every season, and the strength to leave the legacy you’ve always imagined. 


This is Your Daily RESET!

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Your Daily RESET

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