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Life can be hard. Living in a hurting world can be a challenge every day. But, we know from God's word that Jesus came so that we could have life and have it abundantly. We believe that as we submit ourselves to the lordship of Christ in our lives, every day we can live with authenticity and in the purpose He dreamed for us, as we take the next steps He has planned.

With every conversation, every seminar, every event led, every book shipped...our goal is to bring hope, healing, growth, and inspiration to everyone we meet and lead on the journey for change, growth and success so God's truth through Jesus can be made known to all people around the world. 


Take Another Step Ministries has a heart for oneness and unity in the body of Christ and breaks through the things that would divide us to focus only on Christ and provide opportunities for individuals to come as they are to CONNECT together, ENCOURAGE each other, GROW together, SERVE together and PRAISE our heavenly Father together. 


Everything we do anchors back to Christ first…knowing Him more and drawing closer to Him so we can grow even closer to our Heavenly Father. Jesus called us to first “Come, follow me…” then to “Go into the world…”. With this firmly in our minds and in our hearts, Take Another Step Ministries is focused on creating a welcoming place where people can “Come…” and allow God to meet their unique needs for change and growth while also being willing and available to “Go…” and touch lives in our communities, across the country and around the world. Take Another Step Ministries is staying intentionally flexible as a partner to the local church so we can be prayerfully aligned with the direction and leading of God through the Holy Spirit.

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