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What if the push of a single button could RESET a part of your life that hasn’t quite worked out the way you had hoped?


What if you could, in an instant, Re-Organize, Re-Focus, and Re-Fuel your dreams and goals?


What if, instead of just talking about your purpose, you could live it—right now, and every day into the future?


What if you could RESET?


RESET: Reformatting Your Purpose for Tomorrow’s World is a breakthrough book by bestselling author Dr. Jason Brooks that is already receiving accolades from swarms of individuals and organizations for its simplicity, authenticity and applicability.

We walk through life one step at a time. Moment-by-moment, hour-by-hour, day-by-day we journey. We live…we love…we lead...we aspire…we dream…we leave a legacy.


This daily dose of inspiration by Dr. Jason Brooks, author of the bestselling book RESET: Reformatting Your Purpose for Tomorrow's World, starts each day with a motivational quote by some of the greatest thought leaders and legacy creators in history. Then, you will be invited to spend time pondering and journaling on several thought and heart provoking questions to guide you through self-exploration and discovery designed to help you heal from the past, focus on the present, and create a life of gratitude and success for the future.

Success doesn’t happen by accident. It requires vision for the future, focus for today, intentionality in every decision and action, and commitment to excellence to create a life of success and to lead with high-impact. Through the years I’ve used many approaches and coached countless leaders to help stay on track and on target. 


I’ve learned the greatest degree of success in life and leadership comes when four things are present:

  • There is clear alignment between who you are and what you do

  • A consistent system is used to maintain focus and engagement in all areas of life

  • The approach to execute on goals, priorities and actions you use is simple, relevant and integrated to you personally and professionally

  • The ability to evaluate progress and adjust as needed


This guidebook is designed to crystalize who you are and keep that in the front of your mind. Your “Who” is then aligned with your “What, How, and When” through Goals, Priorities, and Actions for the year, quarter, week and day. You will be guided to self-evaluate each week as you continually improve. You will set the stage with the ideal plan to maximize the value of every moment of every day. And, ultimately, take time to celebrate the successes in all areas of life as you take one step at a time and lay the building blocks of a high-impact life.

Life and Leadership Success Guidebook Co
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