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Thanks for your interest in me speaking at your next corporate or conference event. I consider it a deep honor that I can begin exploring opportunities with you and don't take this responsibility lightly.


We'll partner together to create a memorable, high-impact experience. 


Thank you for connecting and exploring how I could serve you and your organization. 



"Dr. Brooks' professional experience allows him to bring not only general themes but also practical application into the content he is presenting."

—  Denis Blackwelder, HR Executive

Dr. Jason Brooks is a gifted speaker and brings his passion for leading others to change and grow to every event. His engaging and transformational keynotes and workshop sessions will add impact to your next organization or association event.


As a speaker at events with groups from 15 to over 500, he is consistently rated by participants as one of the top speakers. In addition, he is often invited back to events, year after year, which is the greatest testimony to the quality and value he brings.

Jason draws on his experience working with leaders across the country in multi-million and multi-billion dollar companies in a variety of industries. He will inspire your participants, foster discussion and new ideas, and provide practical solutions that your attendees can put to use immediately.

What to Expect:​

  • Step 1: I will host a discovery meeting to learn about you, your event, your organization and what you would like to see as a result of your event. Making this investment of time early ensures that your event provides a unique growth experience.

  • Step 2: I will deliver an engaging event. Your audience will leave with ideas and walking points they can immediately apply to have a positive impact on their success and the success of those around them.

  • Step 3: I will then conduct an "After Action Review" to provide recommendations on next steps and discuss ideas to maintain momentum for you and your team.

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