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For  more than twenty-five years, Dr. Jason Brooks has helped CEOs, senior executives and leaders from startups to multi-billion dollar organizations achieve their unique best and thrive.

Dr. Jason Brooks is a senior executive, change and strategy consultant, executive coach and advisor, author and speaker. He has an extensive background and experience working with CEOs, leadership teams, and executives to create a vision for the future, lead change and improve performance, leadership skills and culture.

He has over 25 years experience and has devoted his career to leadership performance and development, blending the disciplines of leadership and human functioning to help executive teams, and organizations. His combined solution-focused and cognitive behavioral paradigm to executive coaching facilitates an inside-out approach to growth while at the same time being laser-focused on the achievement of personal and organizational goal.


Dr. Brooks has founded/co-founded several businesses in a variety of industries. Most notably was a healthcare company which secured initial private equity funding of $6M at start-up and grow to over $350M valuation in just over 4 years at which time the company was sold to another private equity firm.

He has also served as a c-suite leader for over 10 years including the roles of Chief Executive Officer for two companies, Chief Administrative Officer, and Chief People Officer for companies in a variety of industries and sizes.

As a speaker, he is a consistently rated highly at corporate and conference events, delivering an inspirational and transformational experience that leaves audiences forever changed on a variety of topics in the areas of leadership and organizational change, growth, and success. Dr. Brooks also shares nuggets of wisdom for life and leadership change through his podcast, LeaderTHRIVE, and through active engagement on social media.

Dr. Brooks is a passionate teacher and learner, believing you're either green and growing or ripe and rotting...there is no status quo. He has earned his Doctor of Philosophy in psychology degree, Master of Business Administration, Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling, and a Bachelor of Science in Management degree from Purdue University. He also holds multiple credentials and certification in the areas of executive coaching, psychological assessment, change management, and leadership strategy,

He is actively involved in his faith community and enjoys giving back through serving on multiple boards of directors and facilitating groups with Faith Driven Entrepreneur and Faith Driven Investor. He lives just north of Nashville with his wife, Darla, and together they have three amazing children, Andrew, Nathanael and Aleya, who passed away from a traumatic brain injury on March 5, 2023.


Dr. Brooks discovered the secret to live your best life  by relentlessly pursuing three core commitments: Live Confidently, Lead Courageously, and Love Completely. These core aspirations have provided the foundation of his life and created a platform where he is able to equip and empower executives to achieve their unique best and thrive.

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