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Problem-solving and course creation partner to
tackle your business challenges

There's nothing like the power of experience! 


An executive advisor give access to expert counsel so you can tackle the most critical challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities. I'll help you think big and create clear strategy, tackle crucial issues, make difficult decisions, and navigate change.


I will support you with ongoing strategic guidance, thought leadership, and "next step" options to help expand opportunities and perform at ever higher levels. I will also challenge executive leaders to think, feel, and interact in new ways with a high focus on excellence in execution and delivering results.

"Every executive needs a trusted thought and solution partner who's been there, done that, and already won the prize to help along the way.


You don't need to know everything...but you do need to know someone who will step in with you so you don't stumble and fall."

- Dr. Jason Brooks

My success as an executive advisor comes from being able to effectively identify the focal issue or goal the client most wants to achieve. I partner with clients to create initial alignment of direction and people engagement to start strong. Then, I help build the disciplines for execution and measures of results to ensure the goals are achieved. 


Using a combination of expertise and leading methodologies, I create the conditions for individuals and teams to overcome their own internal barriers to change, to take stock of and transcend their own blind spots, and to see errors and weaknesses as prime opportunities for organizational growth.

Clients who engage with me for expert perspective, guidance and practical solutions in several areas:

  • Navigate Change: I will help lay a roadmap for change focusing on five core steps that are proven essential for managing change.

  • Create Strategy: I will lead you through a repeatable process for strategy formulation, planning and execution with the goal to creating alignment that goes through your organization from top to bottom.

  • Thought and Solution Partner: My experience is deep and wide, having worked with companies in multiple industries, various stages of the business lifecycle (startup, high-growth, mature), revenues from $1M to $3B, and employee groups from 5 to 65,000. Through this diversity, combined with his education, certifications, and robust professional network, he is able to quickly understand your challenges and leverage his experience to help you solve them quickly. You don't have to make the same mistakes or be slowed by going through the experiences yourself. Leverage his background and accelerate your success.

  • New CEO Mentor: I assist first time CEOs who need of a safe sounding board to help guide them and challenge them in areas where they do not yet have experience

  • Executive Team Performance Maximization: I will help identify differences and issues between individual team members (work styles, communication, decision making, etc) and make concrete suggestions on how to better optimize execution and meeting their goals

  • Succession Planning: I bring expertise and tools to know your current team, identify potential gaps, and create plan for having great leaders in place in the future.

While it's important for the executive advisor to be experienced and knowledgeable to provide effective advising to the client, it is equally important for the client to be a good advising candidate. A good advising candidate is someone who is energized by the opportunities of change and considering other possibilities, no matter how successful he or she has been in the past. I work best with someone who is willing to stay the course even when they finally confront a key issue about themselves and/or their team.

Knowing what you don't know is a hallmark of a great executive. The critical next step is to bridge the knowledge and experience gap quickly so you can continue to move with speed. As your executive advisor I will help you and your team take that critical next step.

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