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Updated: Feb 24

(by Jason Brooks)

Can you see it?

The dawning of a new day.

Shimmering sunlight peeking over the horizon.

The glowing sunlight dancing on the morning dew.


Can you hear it?

The footstep of the Father.

Walking gently through the field.

Coming to welcome you to another magnificent morning.

He whispers gently, lovingly…

“Will you walk with Me today? Will you see all I have to show you today? Will you experience everything I have prepared and planned for you today?

Will you walk with Me in the valley? Will you walk with Me in the hills?

Will you take My hand and let me hold you close?

Will you let me journey with you? Will you let me lead?

And as I do, will you bask in the beauty I’ve designed just for you?

This day.

Just for you.

Not someone else’s path.

Your path. Your footsteps. Your footprints left behind in the tall grass of the flower adorned field.

Will you trust the steps?

Will you bask in the glory of my creation and look for the beauty all around?"


Can you feel it?

The gentle breeze.

The presence of the Spirit.

Wrapping all around you.

God’s breath filling your lungs.



Breathing His name as he breathes yours.






Just as He always planned.

Can you see it? Can you hear it? Can you feel it?

The dawning of a new day, a precious journey with Yahweh!

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